School Events

C A R E E R   D A Y

F E B R U A R Y   1  6 ,   2 0 2 4

Parents and community members came to Keolu to share their careers and help our Keolu kids further their career exploration.  Thank you so much to everyone that came!  Our Keolu Kids had a great afternoon of exploration and information!

S C I E N C E   F A I R 

F E B R U A R Y   8 ,   2 0 2 4

A select few of our 6th graders entered their science projects into our district science fair.  Our Keolu Kids got to show off their hard work and curiosity with their experiements and findings.

S H O O T S !   M E D I A   S U M M I T

J A N U A R Y   1 3 - 1 5 ,   2 0 2 4

SHOOTS Summit is an amazing event that our Media Club students got to take part in.  Mrs. Finn along with her media club students attended a 3-day event over the Martin Luther King JR. Holiday weekend to show off their passion for digital media, creativity, and story telling.  Our Keolu Kids got to attend informational workshops and meet notable people within the media community.  The even took 3rd place in their Public Service Annoucment section!! Congratulations to Mrs. Finn and all our hardowrking Nā Honu!

PSA Wash Your

W I N T E R   D O O R   D E C O R A T I N G    C O N T E S T  

D E C E M B E R     2 0 2 3

Keolu's Student Council came up with a door decorating event for our school.  Each classroom decorated their classroom doors in honor of the theme "Winter in Hawaii".  The winning classes recieved a hot chocolate and cookie party!

' A I N A   F A R M E R   V I SI T

N O V E M B E R   3 0  ,   2 0 2 3

In honor of Farm to School Month, the 'AINA in Schools Program helped our students get the opportunity to learn from a local farmer where they got light hands on experince in what it's like to work with certain types of plants.  

H A L L O W E E N   F E S T I V I T I E S 

O C T O B E R   2 7 ,   2 0 2 3

To celebrate Halloween this year, we held a themed spirit week, had our students participate in a school wide Halloween Parade, and held a Trunk or Treat Ohana Night!

U N I T Y   D A Y 

O C T O B E R   18 ,   2 0 2 3

Every year the DOE celebrates Unity Day.  Unity Day is a day where we come together to show solidarity against bullying.  Students are welcome to wear the color orange to support kindness and support that all students deserve to be safe in school. 

Q U A R T E R   1   A W A R D S  


O C T O B E R   6 ,   2 0 2 3

Every quarter our teachers honor students that are Class-All Stars and outstanding GLO students.  This quarter, many of our teachers decided to focus on GLO 1, 2, and 3 (self-directed learner, community contributer, and complex thinker) for their awards.

Congratulations to all of our award winners for Quarter 1!

C U L T U R A L   O H A N A   N I G H T

S E P T E M B E R   2 9 ,   2 0 2 3

Our Keolu Families got to get together for a fun night of family, food and fun!  Cultural Ohana Night is a celebration of a melting pot of cultures we have here in Hawai'i and at Keolu!  Our families got to partipicate in various cultural activites, win prizes and enjoy food from other Keolu Families!